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Youth Entrepreneurs exists to transform students’ mindsets so they see and seize opportunities while equipping them with the values and vision to pursue their dreams. Our leadership team is comprised of passion-driven business professionals, advocates, community leaders and educators who share their knowledge and skills to make this dream possible.


Kylie Stupka


Kylie Stupka



Kylie Stupka is rarely in the office, and that’s a good thing. Married to a teacher and a mother of three, the Youth Entrepreneurs® president understands the importance of getting out and sharing YE’s mission with the world. “We are helping more students understand that they have opportunities. They have the capability to transform not only their own lives, but the lives of others. And that’s something worth investing our time and energy into,” Kylie says.

Prior to joining YE in 2007, Kylie held various positions, ranging from manager to director, at BKD, a CPA and advisory firm. She also served as director of finance and administration for the Greater Wichita Convention & Visitors Bureau. Kylie is committed to her community, serving as a board and committee member for various local organizations. She’s also connected with many national organizations dear to her heart. Kylie was previously selected to the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce Leadership Wichita class and the Wichita Business Journal’s prestigious “40 Under 40.”

Kylie’s husband teaches science in Andover, Kansas, where the couple resides. Six nights a week, you can find this Kansas State University alumna in the bleachers cheering for her three sons.

Phoebe Bachura

Vice President of Development

Phoebe Bachura

Vice President of Development


Phoebe Bachura is fueled by helping others find fulfillment. As the Youth Entrepreneurs® vice president of development, she constantly seeks new ways for their supporters to create positive change. “From hearing alumni stories to seeing the impact a donor’s dollars are making, everything we do is about helping people fulfill their dreams,” Phoebe says. 

Phoebe is a proud graduate of Kansas State University, and prior to joining YE in 2008, she worked for six years as a consultant specializing in fundraising and human resources for both public and nonprofit agencies. In 2010, Phoebe’s leadership and philanthropic contributions earned her a seat in the prestigious Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce Leadership Wichita class.   

Outside of work, Phoebe enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors with her husband and their three children. 

Tracey Andrist

Chief Operations Officer

Tracey Andrist

Chief Operations Officer


Tracey Andrist can work a spreadsheet in her sleep. During her waking hours, she’s a coffee-fueled juggler. As Youth Entrepreneurs®’ chief operating officer, Tracey keeps the core functions of the program running smoothly – whatever that may take. It's a challenge that her 20 years of accounting, finance and leadership experience has prepared her for.

Prior to joining YE in 2016, the Louisiana State University alumna’s career included leadership roles with mid-sized and large publicly-traded companies, a Big Four public accounting firm, and most recently, Tracey served as corporate controller for INVISTA, a subsidiary of Koch Industries, Inc. A longtime member of Junior League of Wichita, the Kansas native is passionate about helping others achieve success. “YE makes a positive impact on young people's lives, and that's amazing to be a part of," Tracey says.
When not at work, you'll find Tracey spending time with her nieces and nephews or Netflixing a good mystery or sci-fi thriller.

Heather Love

Vice President of Program

Heather Love

Vice President of Program


Heather is good with numbers, and she’s even better with people. As Youth Entrepreneurs®’ vice president of programming, it’s a combination that suits her well. Throughout her career, Heather has applied her analytical skills to everything from public accounting to estate planning and nonprofits. Her new role at YE offered a hefty dose of both challenge and emotional fulfillment. “It was good timing in my life to focus on something where I can impact other people,” she says. 

Heather earned her bachelor’s degree and MBA from Kansas State University, and though she isn’t officially practicing, she remains a Certified Public Accountant. When not strategizing, nurturing partnerships and developing her team’s core talents, she’s volunteering at her church, critiquing the latest food trends and golfing with her husband and two children.

Lindsay Schroeder

National Program Director

Lindsay Schroeder

National Program Director


Lindsay Schroeder understands Youth Entrepreneurs® teachers. That’s because she used to be one. Now, as national program director, Lindsay uses her 11 years of classroom experience to ensure the growing organization gives teachers the support they need. “As we change and innovate, I’m always thinking about how it affects our teachers and how we can help them feel prepared and confident in the classroom,” Lindsay says.

Changing careers took a leap of faith, but the Washburn University graduate (bachelor’s and master’s) has never looked back. Driven by her passion to help others reach their greatest potential, Lindsay sees her role as an opportunity to inspire even more students to reach for their dreams.

Lindsay even gave her husband the push he needed to open his own personal training studio. They now have two locations, one of which is in her hometown of Coffeyville, Kansas. When not inspiring others to achieve their best, you can find Lindsay with a book in her hands and two dachshunds on her lap.

Jennifer Watkins

Marketing Director

Jennifer Watkins

Marketing Director


Project juggler. Cat wrangler. Professional storyteller. As Youth Entrepreneurs®’ director of marketing, Jennifer Watkins holds many subtitles, each as important as the next. Jennifer works at every level of the organization to share YE’s story and the impact the program is making in the lives of young people across the nation.
Prior to joining YE, the Kansas State University graduate dedicated 12 years to Cargill, the largest privately held corporation in the United States. Today, Jennifer applies her branding, marketing and advertising experience to build YE from a local and regional program to a national, continuously growing brand.
Whether at work or in her community contributions, Jennifer is passionate about equipping young people with the tools for success. “YE is filling the gap in education where we are teaching principles through activities. Students are learning without realizing it, and they’re applying that knowledge in their everyday lives. That’s pretty cool.”
She is happiest hanging out with her husband and two boys, whether it’s watching movies, heading to the mountains or enjoying live music.

Ashley Ho

Director of Data Analytics

Ashley Ho

Director of Data Analytics


Every good story starts with data – according to Ashley Ho. In her role as Youth Entrepreneurs®’ director of data analytics, Ashley applies her analytical thinking and expertise in data-driven strategy to help the program succeed long term.
Ashley discovered her love of research and data in her previous role as director of strategic planning at Koch Industries. When she learned of a role that would combine her passion for entrepreneurial education, this Wichita State University grad’s story was written in stone. “We are working to understand what gives certain students the ability to overcome obstacles. We can then use that knowledge to help more students to see opportunities and realize their full potential,” Ashley says.
Ashley gives back to her community as a long-time supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters and volunteers her time anywhere else she can spare time to share. This news and true-crime junkie is otherwise devouring the latest podcast or relishing time with her husband, two boys and their best-behaved child (a Schnoodle named Chester.)

United in Our Mission

Dreamers. Doers. Difference makers. We’re united in the belief that together, we can achieve our mission to help more students create their own success. To find specific teachers in your area, visit our locations page.


Jeremiah Adair

Area Manager, Topeka


Korey Andersen

Application and Exposure Coordinator


Briann Ash-Schrader

Program Events Coordinator


Cate Baker

Executive Assistant


Carl Bors

Area Manager, Southwest KS


Kylie Boyd

Grant Specialist


Jolie-Ann Boyll

Office Coordinator


Bailey Canning

Development Coordinator


Elizabeth Carro

Marketing Coordinator


Tory Chambers

Program Manager, SCKS


Lelah Ediger



Jill Engstrom

Communications and Marketing Manager


Keva Gorman

Program Manager, KC Metro


Tasha Gulick

Administrative Assistant


Lois Hairston

Marketing Specialist


Arthur Hampton

Area Manager, Michigan


Mary Harms

Accounting Supervisor


Brent Hogan

Develoopment Director, NEKS/MO


Tiffany Jasper-Jones

Area Manager, Dallas


Marlon Jones

Area Manager, Fort Worth


Chelsey Karlin

Program Events & Community Relations Manager


Greg Kegley

Area Manager, Houston


Alex Kern

Development Research Coordinator


Evan Kim

Area Manager, AZ


Gaither Martin

Development Director, Mountain West


Fanny Ochoa

National Program Assistant


Bryan Orr

Director of Compliance


Tamara Petrin

Development Coordinator


Ian Roy

Area Manager, LA Metro


Olivia Santonil

Area Manager


Martha Stahl

Senior Accountant - Supervisor


Tiffany Staley

Area Manager, NEKS/MO


Jessica Stice

Development Director, Emerging Markets


Devin Todd

Accounts Payable Clerk


Eugene Wallace

Area Manager, ATL Metro


Adam Weller

Data & Measurement Specialist


Lindsay Zimmerman

Manager Community Partnerships, SCKS