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Podcasts for an entrepreneurial mindset

Youth Entrepreneurs transforms how students think about markets and entrepreneurship, and those mindset shifts can happen through a variety of pathways, including podcasts. Discover four podcasts that spark student conversation and bring an entrepreneurial mindset to life. 


Listeners of the EntreLeadership podcast can count on lively discussions around business and leadership, plus the inspiration to make it happen. Students can gain insight and build their business knowledge through interviews with guests like Mark Cuban, Jim Collins and Seth Godin. And don’t miss the recent episode featuring a great champion of Youth Entrepreneurs: our co-founder, Charles Koch. He and host Ken Coleman discuss why complacency is never an option and what you can do to outpace your competition. 


Inspired by the best-selling book, the Freakonomics podcast gets students thinking outside the box. The award-winning weekly podcast explores “the riddles of everyday life and wrinkles of human nature.” Freakonomics touches on a wide variety of topics, from business and the economy to cheating and crime. It’s a great podcast to launch student discussions about YE’s Foundational Values, and why being principled is critical to entrepreneurship.

Hidden Brain

The Hidden Brain podcast uses science and storytelling to examine what drives human behavior. The Hidden Brain explores topics like advertising, human purchasing power, social norms and the psychology behind how customers spend their money. As they come to understand how humans make decisions, students can explore what makes win-win focus so important for entrepreneurial success.

HBR IdeaCast

From the team at Harvard Business Review, the HBR IdeaCast delivers ideas and insights to help students think creatively and critically about their businesses. In addition to top guests like Sheryl Sandberg, the podcast offers context and a story to keep students engaged. HBR IdeaCast offers ideas and examples to spur thought and conversation. Bonus? HBR IdeaCast recently launched Dear HBR, an advice-style podcast that helps professionals navigate challenges in the workplace.

Podcasts like these can spark conversation in your classroom and spur new ideas in entrepreneurial students. Uncover more entre-inspiration on the YE blog.