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When you donate to YE, your investment directly impacts young people in your community. Students who complete our program show real differences in their personal, academic and professional lives. YE is funded solely by the individuals, foundations and corporations who make up our list of generous donors.


Your Donations Help Us:

  • Offer hands-on learning to more students.

  • Invest in lifelong learning through higher education scholarships and venture capital awards to help students pursue their passions and business ideas.

  • Provide field trips to local businesses to learn about entrepreneurship first-hand.

  • Build connections with the business community and improve networking skills.

  • Improve the professional development of our teachers.

Help students develop the business skills and values that enable them to create their own opportunities.

90% of students said YE positively changed their future goals.
90% of YE students seek higher education.
100% of donor funding goes to support our programs.
“I wouldn’t have been as involved in my community if it wasn’t for YE. It not only strengthens community ties, but also character development. It’s something donors should be proud of and happy to invest in.” Amanda, 2011, Northwest High School, Wichita, Kansas
Individual Support

Financial donations provide direct and immediate support, and donations are tax deductible. We offer you the flexibility to donate over a period of weeks, months or years. You can also donate your time as a volunteer.


You or your company may be interested in sponsoring specific activities in return for significant recognition. Contact us for more information on sponsoring one of our events.

Employer Matching Gifts

Make your dollar work harder! Many employers match their employees’ gifts to charitable institutions, and some companies will even match the gifts of employee spouses and retired employees. Ask the human resources or benefits office at your workplace for more information.

Gift Planning

Some charitable gifts require more thought and planning to execute than the average donation. We gladly accept gifts from a variety of sources, such as retirement plans, life insurance, trusts and annuities, real estate and more. Contact us to discuss your individual contribution options.

Thank you to all who make the YE experience possible!