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Alumni Spotlight: Meet Adreon Horn

YE alum Adreon Horn is now a senior at Topeka High School. After graduation, he looks forward to attending Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri, where he will major in Business Management and minor in Marketing. Adreon always considered business something he would pursue later in life — but thanks to Youth Entrepreneurs, he learned that it’s never too early to make your own opportunities. Meet Adreon Horn.

As a YE student: YE first grabbed Adreon’s attention when he witnessed a Market Day event. “It looked like a fun day, and that’s how I got interested in it at first,” he recalls. “Then I got pretty excited about it because Youth Entrepreneurs sounded like a fun class.” Before he knew it, the YE classroom was a place where his passion for music would be leveraged into a business plan.

Authentic connection: Adreon learned many valuable lessons in YE, the first of which was the importance of personal interactions. “Our teacher, Mr. Moore, spent lots of time in class helping us work on social interaction — how we’d interact with people during pitches, shaking hands . . . one of his key focuses was looking people in the eye. We learned why things like this matter in business.” To further their understanding of business, Mr. Moore encouraged his students to analyze business propositions from the popular TV show Shark Tank. “I got lots of experience from that, thinking from a business perspective and exploring value propositions.”

His Youth Entrepreneurs mindset-shift moment: “I knew that music was going to be in my life, all my life. It’s something I love and I have a real passion for,” Adreon says. “When we started doing our YE business plans, I was thinking of things I could put down, just for the class and just to get the grade.” Then, he had a realization. “I started to put some deep thought into it. I want to be in business all my life! So I may as well spend the time it takes to make this a real possibility.” 

Pursuing his passion and building his business: Once he understood the value of crafting a real business, Adreon developed a business plan for Power Percussion, an academy where students of all ages could learn to play percussion instruments through classes and private lessons. Power Percussion also features a store with drum equipment for sale. “It’s an idea right now, but after college I plan to go into something like this. I’ve been interested in music all my life and I want to make this business happen in the future.” 

His YE trip to Washington, DC: After he took first place at a regional competition, “YE saw some potential in me,” Adreon smiles. Along with nine other students, Adreon was headed to Washington, DC, for a special YE trip. It was a transformational trip, he explains. “We don’t have that big-city feel here in Topeka, and we were able to visit lots of corporations and institutions, and just see what the culture was like in DC. It was a great opportunity. I had never seen myself going to a big city like DC ever, but to experience this in high school was amazing.”

His YE passion: “At first, I wasn’t passionate about YE. I just wanted to get the grade. But Mr. Moore is one of those teachers who makes you do things over and over again until you get it right. As we developed our business plans, it just took off for me,” Adreon shares. “I planned to do something in business later on in life, and I didn’t plan to learn about it until college. But YE opens your eyes and helps you think what business is actually about on a larger scale. To have that opportunity in high school really helped me focus on the bigger world.” 

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