This is Not Just a Class

YE is about more than lectures and textbooks. We focus on the application of an idea – an idea students can own. Our curriculum brings business studies to life through experiential learning, executed in real, market-based scenarios. We introduce economic thinking and strive to instill the moral character necessary for our youth to lead lives as thriving, productive citizens.

Strength in Numbers

In some of our schools, graduation rates of YE students are nearly double those of non-YE students. We are actively placing students on a path to brighter futures for themselves and their communities.

94% of students say YE changed their future education and career goals.
96% of students find YE more valuable than other high school classes.
“There are few places these days where you can get the character-building experience YE provides. Even something as simple as knowing how to look someone in the eye when you shake their hand goes a really long way.” Patrick, 2003, YE Alumnus, Wichita, Kansas

The YE experience isn’t over after the final bell rings. YE Academy offers continued networking, mentorship, educational opportunities and more.

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