Entrepreneurs for Life

Our students have access to networks, resources and activities for self-discovery – even after they complete the program. YE Academy provides the support to propel our alumni toward greater educational and personal achievement.

  • Academy Points

    Students and alumni earn points through participation in activities and events outside the regular classroom, which translate into real money they can use to fund their education, personal development or even business expenses for their entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • Networking

    Our students and alumni receive numerous opportunities each year to network with business leaders in their communities. We also offer summer partnerships and internships with local businesses that provide on-the-job experience, business connections and mentorship.

“YE is not just about starting your own business. It’s about giving students the tools to be successful in any role they have in life.” Murray Moore, YE Teacher

Future Planning

Our goal is for every student to leave our program on a clear pathway to success, and continuing education is a big part of that. That’s why we assist students and their parents with scholarship planning, whether they plan to pursue a four-year degree, community college or vocational training. We also provide opportunities for students to seek further knowledge via educational seminars, apprenticeships, obtaining certifications and more.

Students and alumni, sign in to YE Academy to access upcoming events, scholarship information, digital curriculum, resources and more.